The Plazas

Centrally located, in the midst of busy commercial corridors, plazas give people a place to pause – to read a newspaper, have an ice cream, or sit and watch the world go by, all the pleasures of neighborhood life in New York.  Flexible space and moveable furniture create opportunities for formal and informal activity.  From holiday ceremonies to health fairs to performances, plaza creates lively community hubs.  Their intimate scale (a half acre, on average) encourages daily interactions, neighbor to neighbor, merchant to customer, kids to seniors.  All those eyes on the street mean the neighborhood is safer.  Trees and flowers mean the neighborhood is more beautiful, the air cleaner.

Neighborhood Plaza Partnership (Click map for JPG)


As of 2014, NPP provides maintenance services to five (5) plazas in Queens, five (5) plazas in Brooklyn, and three (3) plazas in lower Manhattan. Planters on the map represent the plaza locations, with their plaza managers as follows:

Corona Plaza – Queens Economic Development Corporation
78th Street Plaza – Jackson Heights Green Alliance
Diversity Plaza – Friends of Diversity Plaza
46th Street/Bliss Plaza, 40th Street/Lowery Plaza – Sunnyside Shines

71st Avenue Plaza, Venditti Square – Ridgewood LDC / Myrtle Avenue Business Improvement District
Zion Triangle – Pitkin Avenue Business Improvement District
Ozone Park Plaza – Bangladeshi American Community Development and Youth Services (BACDYS)
Kensington Plaza – Friends of Kensington Plaza
Post Plaza – Dome Voyagers LLC

Bogardus Plaza – Friends of Bogardus Garden
Delancey Plaza, Division, Ludlow & Canal Plaza – Lower East Side Business Improvement District

DOT Plaza Map (Click map for PDF)


DOT Plaza Program

Visit the DOT Plaza Program website.

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