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Tell Tale Signs your Chimney Needs Repair

Most people usually tend to take their chimneys for granted. They assume that the chimney is a worry-free part of the house. Problems may arise, however, and if it needs repair, you should attend to it immediately. A damaged chimney can be a fire hazard. The following are some of the signs that your chimney needs repair.

Deteriorating Mortar Joints

roof chimneyDamaged or cracked mortar joint between the chimney masonry calls for immediate repair. When the mortar deteriorates, the masonry gets exposed to moisture. This accelerates the deterioration of the whole chimney. The added moisture in freezing weather can freeze inside the cracks in the masonry. If this moisture thaws and freezes in rocks, cement, and bricks, it develops a more significant crack. The whole chimney can collapse if the cracked mortar is not repaired.


The white discoloration on your chimney is called efflorescence. Although, it is simple to remove these stains, cleaning the chimney may not solve the problem. Efflorescence is a sign that there is a lot of moisture in the chimney masonry. If you do not deal with it, premature deterioration of your chimney is likely to occur. These may create other moisture-related potential problems. Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning can help you with cleaning and repair of your chimney.


The damper of firebox should have no rust. If there is, then it is a sign of excess moisture in the chimney. The rust on the damper may not be noticeable, but if it does not operate properly, then it can be due to rust.

If there is enough moisture in the chimney to cause rust, then there could be other damages like cracked flue tiles. It is vital to get the help of a professional chimney cleaning and repair company. They can use their special cameras to inspect the flue linings. They will also ensure that there is no breach in the chimney which may cause a house fire.

Damaged Wallpaper


Wallpapers on the wall close to the chimney can also provide a visible sign of chimney damage. If the wallpapers are damaged, it usually is due to moisture in the chimney damage. Repairs to the flue or chimney should be made as soon as possible before you continue using the fireplace.


If you start seeing slices of chimney tile collecting in the fireplace, it is an indication that the flue is damaged. The flue lining is crucial to the safe operation of a chimney and the fireplace. Annual chimney inspection is essential because of this fact. Professionals analyze the flue lining to identify the problems that otherwise would go unnoticed.

A damaged chimney is a fire hazard. It is therefore vital to contact professional chimney repair and cleaning companies if you notice any of these signs.…