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Top Things Buyers Look for in a Property

Recent studies have shown that homebuyers greatly differ in things they look for when purchasing the property. For instance, some families prefer flat homes that have a backyard while others like two-level properties. Also, young couples love living near the beach with amazing views of the ocean. On the other hand, others like living in apartments that are located near city centers.

In this post, you will learn some important things to look for when purchasing the property. These factors are based on recent studies. They include pools, beach, granny flat, views, and waterfront.


house buyingFor many years, swimming pools have been a huge attraction to most property buyers. They offer a space for relaxation and rest particularly during the hot summer days. In fact, real estate experts agree that having a pool increases the value of a property. In addition, it offers huge returns on investment when the property is sold.

Swimming pools are in demand in Australia. People residing in areas with a warm climate like having swimming pools in their homes. Also, most Canadians love resort-style outdoor spaces. This explains the ever-increasing demand for pools.

Waterfront, Beaches, and Views

Properties that are adjacent to the beach are in demand. The truth is that properties in such areas offer fantastic nature views and a great feeling of relaxation and comfort. You will find it quite easy to get to the beach and swim whenever you feel like.

Granny Flat

Nowadays, granny flats are also in demand thanks to their versatility. You should note that this residential property is not only meant for grandpas and grandmas. The truth is that it is a great choice for the parents having older children who are still residing with them.

selling a houseConstruction and financial experts in Canada have confirmed that a lot of homeowners are converting their backyards into granny flats for extra income and to enjoy reduced taxes. Investors are taking advantage of this to earn extra income. Other than the rental income, a good granny flat adds value to the residential property. Remember that the cost is added to the total property price and it cannot be sold separately.

The above five are some great features that add emotional and financial value to a property. They have been found to generate significant profits for investors and improve the lifestyle of people living in those properties.

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