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City Plaza

Horticulture & Maintenance Services

Corona Plaza

Our service draws on the workforce programs of The Horticultural Society of New York (The Hort) and the Association of Community Employment (ACE NY).   Our service provides training and jobs for formerly incarcerated and homeless populations, while offering plaza manager the same high quality maintenance as a private contractor. Low-income plaza managers pay for the service on a sliding-scale based on financial capacity.  As their ability to pay increases, the service will expand to additional low-income communities.

Making Stronger Partners

Corona Plaza

NPP will provide intensive workshops on fundraising, marketing, vendor and concessions management, and organizational development.  NPP will facilitate local volunteer recruitment; develop strategic partnerships with schools, churches, and civic groups; and tap into citywide corporate volunteer programs on behalf of the plaza managers.

NPP will allocate resources for pooled insurance coverage; provide mini-grants for programming; facilitate collaborative programming; hire and supervise shared staff and event management for groups of plazas; and encourage a range of partnerships among the plaza managers.

Revenue Generation

NPP will facilitate joint marketing and sponsorship requests for clusters of plazas, on behalf of those partners without marketing expertise or access to corporate sponsors.  NPP will seek opportunities for cross-subsidies within the network of plazas citywide.


NPP will actively recruit new applicants to the city’s Plaza Program, and serve as their liaison to the DOT.  NPP will regularly engage with elected officials, community boards as well as New York City civic and business leaders to promote the plazas.  NPP will use both traditional and social media to generate stories about the positive impacts of the plazas on neighborhood life.


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